onsdag 10. mars 2010

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

Kjøpte den på Amazon. Måtte bare ha den! Spennende med nye fantasybøker, men også med morsomme parodier på sjangeren.

Et lite utdrag:

"Animals. See ENEMY SPIES, FOOD and TRANSPORT. Apart from creatures expressly designed for one of these purposes (and this includes HARES and RABBITS), there appear to be almost no animals in Fantasyland. Any other animal you meet will be the result either of a WIZARD'S BREEDING PROGRAMME or of SHAPESHIFTING." ("breeding programme": avlsprogram; "shapeshifting": hamskifte)


"Colour coding: Complexion. Corpse white is Evil, and it grades from there. Pink faced folk are usually midway and pathetic. The best face colour is brown, preferably tanned, but it can be inborn (...) So, if your acquaintance is wearing green and is blue eyed and brown faced, she/he will be OK. Caution: Do not apply these standards to our own world. You are very likely to be disappointed." ("complexion": hudfarge)

Er det rart at jeg sitter og gliser over denne boka?

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